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Hybrid work is not a distant future, it’s the present! Whirla will help you shift into the hybrid work model in a way that is effective and convenient for both you and your team.
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Why Whirla?

Comfortable hybrid work
Effective office layout
Office usage analysis
Easy setup
Shifting to the hybrid work model requires clear rules. Whirla helps you assign desks, rooms and whole zones available for workers and whole teams and set up the rules of who and when. Employees can easily check available seats and reserve desks in a mobile app.
The hybrid work model isn’t just about the comfort of your employees but also helps you save money on real estate. Introducing hot desks means that you use fewer actual desks. You can scale down your office or hire more people without renting additional space.
Whirla lets you monitor office usage in real time and analyze the historical data. You can easily determine which desks are more, and which are less popular than the others. From here it’s just one step to a more ergonomic office design.
Whirla sensors work on batteries and use wireless connections with their own access point. You don’t need to drill holes in the walls, put up the wires or register hundreds of devices in your corporate network. And we can set up a pilot project in your office within a week.




Admin dashboard
Mobile App
The Whirla dashboard lets you easily create and configure the floorplan and set up teams and zones within the office. You can check the current occupation, remove inactive reservations, access statistics and reports and get AI-based recommendations for future office planning.
Whirla mobile app helps your employees book desks and manage their reservations. With NFC and QR codes they can easily confirm their bookings or take a free seat ad hoc. They can also easily mark their favourite desks and create recurring and group reservations.
Whirla occupancy sensors detect employees’ presence and show current seat status. NFC and QR codes make the booking and checking in effortless. Sensors are easy to set up and fully independent. They connect wirelessly with their own network and use batteries or external power.

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