More than a desk booking system

Hybrid work requires new approach to workspace management and occupancy data collection. Hybrid employees need clear rules and want to have ability to connect with space and to book desks, rooms and parking spaces. Whirla is more than a desk booking system!
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Why Whirla?

Comfortable hybrid work
Effective office layout
Office usage analysis
Easy setup
system rezerwacji biurek zapewniający komfortową pracę hybrydową
Administration panel allows you to implement your own rules for office management. You can manage settings of each desk individually, you can set zones, teams and restrictions. Whirla adjust to the way you work.
System rezerwacji sal konferencyjnych
Hybrid work allows to generate savings. Whenever you decide to reduce amount of desks or to grow the team without leasing extra space flexible usage of space can be confusing. Whirla allows you to use your space effectively.

Rezerwacja biurek
Whirla allows to verify space occupancy in real time and to analyze historical data. In Administration panel you will be able to generate many interesting reports from the perspective of space and teams.
Biurka współdzielone
It doesn’t take longer than 2 weeks from signed contract to full instalation of Whirla in your office.




Admin dashboard
Mobile App
QR codes or sensors
Plan biura
The Whirla dashboard lets you easily create and configure the floorplan and set up teams and zones within the office. You can check the current occupation, remove inactive reservations, access statistics and reports and get AI-based recommendations for future office planning.
Aplikacja do rezerwacji sal konferencyjnych
Whirla’s app is very intuitive. It allows employees to book and confirm the use of desks, rooms and parking spots. It displays floorplan, calendar of reservations and allows to find other employee’s bookings.
Aplikacja do rezerwacji biurek
Each desk, room and parking spot is equipped with QR code label or presence sensor with long-life battery. You can scan the code to confirm your booking or to open calendar of the asset to verify its status and quickly check-in to use it.

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